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LunaR the first solar powered smartwatch

Launching on Kickstarter last month, LunaR is the world’s first solar powered smartwatch. Incorporating next-generation proprietary technology, LunaR integrates smartwatch features and solar charging system with traditional timepiece aesthetics.

With its revolutionary transparent solar panel, LunaR harvests power from the sun as well as artificial light, so it almost never needs charging.

“LunaR was inspired by the perpetual cycle of the moon and the sun,” said Gavin Brown, Chief Designer of LunaR. “We created a device that combines the appealing look of a classic wristwatch with the functionality of a modern smartwatch. And because it captures both natural and artificial light, you could go years without ever needing to charge it.”

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, avid travelers and lifestyle watch aficionados, LunaR features a sleek design with discreet notifications for text, calls and social media as well as valuable life-tracking and monitoring functionality like steps, distance, calories and sleep data. It offers dual timezone timekeeping, so that travelers can keep on schedule at home and on the road. It’s water resistant up to 50 meters. In addition, LunaR tracks sunrise and sunset times, alerting users to the amount of daylight left for outdoor, sun-centric activities like hiking or surfing.

Through a collaboration with leading-edge solar company Sunpartner Technologies, the transparent solar panel charges LunaR instantly when the watch is exposed to natural or artificial light. LunaR can even alert wearers when it’s time to get outside for some sunshine and a recharge.

“LunaR is our first attempt in the microelectronics sector and we are very excited about the launch of this technology. We believe it will redefine the future of battery management in all smart devices,” said Sunpartner President and co-founder, Ludovic Deblois.

Kickstarter backers can secure their LunaR watch for $239 USD.
For more information, you can visit www.lunar-smartwatch.com.
Published by:
Exisio    October 15, 2017
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