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April 29, 2017
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Exisio. The Green Social Media Platform
Exisio @Exisio  28-9-2017
Shirts Made from Recycled Bottles @TheLastBottle #fashion
Exisio @Exisio  12-9-2017
@MINI presents the MINI Electric Concept at the @iaamesse in Frankfurt am Main
Exisio @Exisio  2-11-2016
Uit een nieuw #UNICEF-rapport blijkt dat per jaar 600.000 kinderen sterven door luchtvervuiling.…
Exisio @Exisio  1-11-2016
Tot en met 6 november is het weer #Fairtrade Week!
Exisio @Exisio  1-11-2016
Mooie actie Timo!
About us

More and more people are having a greater awareness regarding their health, the environment, sustainability and the future of our earth.
The issues among these subjects are constantly growing and will even become a bigger part of our lives in the near future. Whether we do our groceries, build a new house or buy a new car, the factor 'sustainability' will influence almost all the choices we make.

Exisio created a platform that can carry out this message. A platform for all the good initiatives and projects there are, but also to show the suffering that still goes on each day. We want to show you how technology develops and to give you a blink towards the future. A future in which sustainability doesn't need to be a choice anymore, but life has become sustainable from itself. That is Exisio.

We want to offer news with people who care, share or doing something with it. We are a platform without a commercial interest.
Exisio wants to bound people, companies, organisations and communities all over the world, which each have in their own way a passion for a healthier world and a more conscious way of living. The purpose behind this is to make sustainability more accessible and to encourage people to discover the advantages of an eco friendly way of living. Together for a greener world. Will you join us?
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